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47 Bakery Street, London, UK

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The Observatory conducts an in-depth diagnosis of the Moroccan productive fabric by leveraging the exploitation and analysis of databases from Moroccan administrations that produce data on businesses. Data represents a strategic asset that needs to be analyzed to extract high-value information. This information helps better understand and quantify issues related to MSMEs and adapt solutions to strengthen their resilience and growth.

Developing the skills of our employees and fostering their fulfillment are our priorities.

Would you like to join a passionate, dynamic team, facing daily challenges, and engaging in international collaborations?

Our work culture is based on strong values.

Data Reception

Preliminary Analysis

Processing and Enrichment

Reliability Enhancement

Data Reporting


Works and Achievements

In this regard, the major works of the Observatory include the consolidation, merging, and enhancement of data produced by public administrations and institutions, as well as the production of annual reports, regional reports, sector-specific documents, and ad hoc studies – which you can consult in the "Our Publications" section. It also organizes and participates in events related to SMEs and entrepreneurship issues.

Finally, the Observatory establishes collaborations with several renowned national and international institutions and organizations, serving as a testament to its caliber and the quality of work it accomplishes independently or in partnership with its associates.