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Word from the Executive Director

Mme Amal IDRISSI, Directrice Exécutive de l’OMTPME.

The utilization of data concerning businesses has become an essential tool in the service of development strategies for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).
ndeed, "Big Data," artificial intelligence, value chain transformation, and strategies based on a "data culture" characterize the current forms of the digital revolution, enabling a better exploitation of business growth potential.
The Moroccan SMEs Observatory has firmly committed to this digital transformation, which opens new perspectives in terms of operational methods and represents a genuine opportunity to create unprecedented services, acquire new knowledge, and make the economy more inclusive and efficient. However, it is crucial to recognize that this digital revolution is also accompanied by significant challenges that need to be addressed.
Thanks to the support and data received from our partners, we have succeeded in building a unique information system in Morocco, allowing the consolidation and qualification of data from public administrations (DGI, CNSS, BAM, Ministry of Trade and Industry, OMPIC...) covering almost all formal enterprises in Morocco, for the purpose of multidimensional and temporal analysis.
This collective effort has been a true catalyst in the Observatory's productions, which has since become firmly embedded in the Moroccan economic landscape and plays a pivotal role in the development strategy of SMEs. Its productions serve as a reference for public authorities in formulating relevant policies for this business segment and measuring its impact for continuous improvement.
Our website provides open access to the latest demographic, economic, and financial indicators related to businesses, as well as the technical and technological framework of their accomplishments. This initiative underscores the commitment of a passionate team dedicated to innovation in the service of our country's enterprises development.